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4th July 2020 
Is Therapy Right For You?  #01

Is Psychotherapy right for me?

  • Many of us experience emotional difficulties at some point in our lives. At these times, we often turn to our friends and family for help and support. But sometimes this is not enough or they are not available and professional help is needed.

  • You may feel hesitant about seeking professional help - perhaps your problems seem too insignificant or you think that you should be able to sort out your problems by yourself. At this point, therapy may well be able to help you. Psychotherapy offers a safe, impartial and confidential setting in which to explore your difficulties with a professionally qualified and trained therapist. Problems are identified, confronted and resolved in the context of regular, reliable sessions.

  • Therapy provides a unique opportunity for you to speak in confidence with an objective, unbiased, professional who can give undivided attention to you and whatever is troubling you. The combined experience of really being listened to, together with a gradual gaining of new insight and fresh perspectives on your difficulties can then help you to approach things in a different, more effective way.

  • I will encourage and support you to take responsibility for the changes you wish to make and empower you to make those changes. However, therapy doesn't change you - it gives you the tools to make the changes for yourself. I will also help you to accept and come to terms with the things in your life that you can't change.

    Psychotherapy is NOT a quick-fix solution and requires real commitment from you, the client.

  • You will need to consider whether you are ready, willing and able to invest the time, money and energy that weekly psychotherapy requires, whether it is shorter or longer term. However, should you decide to go ahead and try it, I have seen time after time that the benefits of therapy can be tremendous and truly life-changing.